Airsoft Tactical Squad

No Surrender, No defeat



     Greeting and welcome to the site for the Airsoft Tactical Squad or A.T.S. for short. A.T.S. is a group of airsofters in the Citrus County Florida area, and are sponsored by Gulf Coast Airsoft. We are a mixture of adults and kids. We are looking for new members who want to have fun playing an awesome sport. We travel some to other airsoft fields for more added experience and challange. We have a large 25 plus acre field with three bases, a HQ, radio tower, downed aircraft, and a lot of room to have some awesome skirmishes. We welcome other teams to come up and challange us for some fun.

If you would like to be a regular with us, we offer a point system for everyone. The champion at the end of the year will get a T-shirt stating they are the yearly champion. We play multiple kinds of games so nothing is ever the same thing over and over. From every man for himself to a civil war reinactment to fort defend, we play it all and welcome new ideas. So your welcome to just come to our field and play when we have games or you can join our airsoft team. If you are interested just email me or register here. Theres a map of the location for the field in the general section of the forums.







  Heres a little video of some of the action on our

 home field. Hope you enjoy the video.